We've been anticipating the new Acura full-size luxury redo for some time. It's one of those rare vehicles that has been on our radar screen because of its pleasing shape and this secretive new drive train called SH-AWD. That stands for Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. You've got to love Honda and their ability to understate things. But basically the system is a technologically advanced AWD system that can split power Acura RL Interiorappropriately between all four wheels not just the front two and rear two. After that and the 300-hp engine the interior refinement and more technology tidbits including DVD audio, Bluetooth and something called solar-sensing climate control system. Yes, that means if you're sitting on the sunny side of the car the RL will cool you appropriately. What's next? A GPS system that tells you of real time traffic events? It seems the RL has that too.

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