If you haven't been overly crippled by your peyote addiction, you may have noticed that both John Kerry and George W. have so-called "energy plans," mentioned on both candidates' websites and in both candidates' nomination acceptance speeches. As you can imagine (perhaps thanks to the peyote), the dudes think differently about cars and how they can and should be fueled. Simply put, Kerry is more for conservation, and Bush is all about increased production. I know, you're shocked. Both candidates have near-identical positions on the importance of alternative power— Bush says he will offer a "$4000 tax credit to purchase hybrid gasoline-electric and other highly fuel efficient vehicles" and Kerry basically states the same on his site, talking about the cars of tomorrow, tax incentives, robot servants, etc. Old W. can't kick his coal habit though, and is committed to developing "clean coal technologies." Kerry likewise wants "responsible" coal usage but he wants to shift gears (get it? like in a car!) to wind and solar power, going so far as to propose a "wind farm" on Cape Cod, where he and The Ketchup Lady have 19 summer homes.

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