Two ex-Jaguar engineers have announced the Connaught Type-D, a nomenclatural juxtaposition of an old racing car manufacturer (Connaught) with a Jag model (D-Type). The car will be a hybrid in the form of a V10 gasoline unit augmented with an electric motor, meant to zip from 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds while achieving a stingy 42 miles per gallon. Yes, that's right, I said V10. And the traditional 2+2 seating setup will satisfy those content to enforce rules concerning sports car aesthetics. The project has already received almost £500,000 in funding from the Energy Saving Trust, and with a target price of £35,000, the creators claim £5 million will be needed to get the Connaught into production. I'd cut them a check myself if the rendering didn't look like complete ass.

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