The roofless version of the car that basically invented retro hot hatchery benefits from the horsepower bump bestowed on 2005 Cooper S models. Now with 170-hp, the supercharged engine copes well with the additional 220 pounds tacked on by the convertible apparatus. The 0-60 jaunt is accomplished in 7.4 seconds, but seriously, people, no one buys a Mini Cooper for how fast it can get somewhere— rather for how fun the getting somewhere can be. And with one of the finest gearboxes available, and impeccable cornering habits, the getting somewhere can indeed be rather enjoyable. There are the requisite convertible compromises to manage: flexing over imperfect roads, windshield noise, etc., but these are all just part of the topless experience, you smell me? You may also see the imposing £21,715 tag (as equipped, and around $25K for American buyers) as part of the experience, but if you're looking for a small, sprightly, spirited convertible, you really have no other option. So just get one. And fix your beehive— it's gone awry.

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