A decision regarding the concept sports car's destiny may be made by the end of the year, meaning that in a perfect, friction-free, vacuum-sealed world, production could begin in 2005. The Le Mans is regarded as an image booster for the quad rings, allowing Audi to mix it up with the best in the world in every category— currently Audi is only lacking something to compete with the 911, which would be the Le Mans' responsibility. Audi (kind of) has the Gallardo, but that's badged a Lambo and has sub-Audi build quality. According to double-secret insider sources, the Le Mans would be less powerful than the Gallardo and "more usable" with a V8 engine (the Gallardo uses a V10), perhaps with a turbocharger application. In other future Audi news, the ornate Nuvolari project is on life support, and a clumsy nurse is about to trip over the power cord.

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