This concept looks like a really cool cruiser for those long slow drives down the local drag. But it seems just from the pictures on Serious Wheels (they don't have any other info on this vehicle from 2004 Woodward Dream Cruise) that this thing is meant to race with a 6.2L V8 engine and race gauges and restraints. Maybe some people do enjoy race inspired trucks like the SVT Lightening and Dodge SRT-10 but this has some El Camino looks that would actually be a refreshing idea for a vehicle. Why not go middle of the road with the performance so the thing would have an attainable price? It seems no one is in love with the variations of Chevy's new smaller pickups and their 4 and 5-cylinder engines. Why not throw in a turbo to the 4 or 5 and actually make these cruisers to attract a different audience? The only changes would come in body extensions, suspension some more performance and you're ready to go.

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