When last we reported on the Evo MR, the majority of the information was cruelly objective, mostly cold lifeless stats and a bunch of pictures. But honestly, you can't drive a picture. So Edmunds has done us all a huge favor and wielded the hopped-up Evo on the road, with a somewhat mixed reaction. Changes have been made, certainly— an extra (sixth) gear added, suspension done been tweaked, a limited slip differential supplied, vortex generator (I am not making this up) placed on the rear roofline to create extra downforce at excessive speeds, etc. But Edmunds, ever inquisitive, questions whether most drivers will even notice the rather subtle improvements, and whether that slight degree of upgrading has any effect on most regular non-track driving situations. To be sure, the Evo MR is a supremely competent vehicle, superior to the WRX STi in Edmunds' opinion, but as the pricing has not yet been announced for the U.S. market, it's hard to discern if the extra features will worth the surcharge.

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