The Mercedes-Benz M-Class took off like a house on a fire after its introduction in 1998, but (as you may have noticed) its visibility has gradually decreased, in part due to an uninspiring makeover it received a few years back. Well soon the M will resurface as a 2006 model, set to enter the lux-SUV market again and hopefully re-ignite some passion among selective customers. MB is striving for ride quality and on-road performance this time around, scrapping the body-on-frame chassis for a more refined unibody setup. Steel springs and torsion bars will be replaced by an air suspension and the more rugged transfer case will be swapped for an all-wheel-drive system. It's even possible that Merc will come up with an extended wheelbase version that can carry seven, a necessary configuration if Benz wants to compete with the more popular SUVs out there. I do hope Precious Roy approves.

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