Reviewer Mark Phelan has his way with a screaming yellow Vette convertible and reveals the relationship is no fling— he's in love. The initial discussion point is the car's value: even though the option-heavy test vehicle is over $63,000, it's still far cheaper than competition from BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, yet it retains similar levels of sophistication and performance. A facelift sporting fixed front headlights is reminiscent of a certain prancing horse profile, but the shortened nose is functional too in that it makes the car easier to maneuver, although you're going to want to keep the low front overhang away from parking blocks. 400-hp when combined with the Z51 performance package gets 0-60 over with by the time you count to four, and if you don't need to get on it so furiously, GM's "skip-shift" feature helps guide the shifter from first to fourth to save fuel and keep passengers from getting nauseous. A fantastically compliant ride and much improved interior complete the package; it's even possible to see that GM put thought into the cupholders, which are charged with no easy task considering the Vette's massive G-pulling capabilities.

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