The 161 owners duped into buying this $500 three-wheeled scooter are being asked to return their Slidecarvers to a BMW dealer ASAP, where they will receive a full refund and a $200 gift certificate. Apparently, for the all the crazed scooter technology that went into making this product seem like it might be worth five bills in some alternate cash-flush universe— the hydraulic disc brakes, the front and rear wheel steering system, etc.— the Slidecarver's weak point is your basic metal front support structure, which was cast instead of forged, and thus does not meet impact resistance standards. Meaning that if you crash your SC into a curb during some high-speed San Fran hill bombing, you could lose control and possibly fall and hurt yourself. But isn't that potential danger the thing that makes extreme sports so fun in the first place? Oh wait, I forgot, riding a scooter isn't extreme, unless you're eight. The Slidecarver will no longer be produced by BMW.

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