Honda chose not to play it safe with the 2KFizzle Odyssey, going in for a wholesale revamping so it can "maintain its leadership as the benchmark minivan." And from the company that basically invented the fold-away seat comes a new storage innovation: the Lazy Susan, a sub-floor rotating storage container with access from both front and middle seats. They still have the nifty disappearing third-row, and the center row folds too, and a small seat that fits between the mid-row thrones called the PlusOne increases the Odyssey's capacity to eight humans. Although exterior dimensions have not been altered much, there's more cabin room, which is needed to provide space for the 15 standard cupholders. The engine is a typical VTEC piece making 255-hp, up 15-hp from the last model, and gas mileage has been improved slightly thanks to the i-VTEC on upper models that can shut off three cylinders while cruising. Base and EX models MSRP for $25,500 and $30,000, respectively, and a new Touring package ups the tag to $34,000, which includes leather, the i-VTEC, a stiffer suspension, run-flat tires, a tri-zone climate control system, and two extra cupholders, which means your Capri Sun-addicted kids can finally keep more than half a case of Tropical Punch within easy reach.

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