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Autoblog fans may wonder why we pick a lot of Edmunds.com stories to highlight specific new models as opposed to other sites. Usually we just want to get the first take out there period. Other times we want the best review we can find. Edmunds often provides both. This thorough review of the revised 2005 Acura RSX Type-S should satisfy anyone's interest in the car. John DiPietro gets to take the Type-S out on the track for a day and also gets to test it heads-up with the 2004 model and he comes away with some pretty drastic differences. The 2004 felt "lazy" in comparison to the slightly amplified (210 hp vs. 200 in 2004) 2005 version. But a real shock in the end is the fact that DiPietro suggest the Scion tC is a better choice with the money savings. We prefer to compare it with the Mini Cooper S (which John also points to) if you're looking for something in the same price range.

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