Although nothing concrete is currently in place, Honda is considering the viability of offering diesel engines in the United States. The plan's feasibility is largely dependent on California's strict emissions standards, which Honda wants to meet if it's going to bring a diesel at all. Cali mandates a maximum NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) output of 0.07 grams per mile, while the diesel Accord sold in Europe sends out 0.28 grams per mile. Honda's diesels are all self-designed and manufactured, and they are looking at particulate-reduction as a "big challenge", although their chief diesel engineer says he expects to meet the CA standards "in the near future." Gee, thanks for being specific. More than a few auto manufacturers are examining their diesel options with the forthcoming sale of new low-sulfur fuels in the U.S., to be offered by petroleum companies in the fall of 2006.

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