I thought this started out as an interesting story on how moms aren't getting what they need in their cars. It begins with Kristin Varela who writes mom-specific car reviews on Mother Proof. She reports on things like how easy it is to install car seats etc. Good stuff. Then it gets to the nitty gritty idiocy. It appears that moms don't like minivans or wagons because they scream "mom." So someone with triplet girls and one son wants what? What else can fit so much? Plus the Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest and new Honda Odyssey are actually attractive vehicles, even to me. Then the story spirals even further with ideas from local moms on how to improve cars. These have got to be some of the worst theories ever put forth.

  •  ?A soundproof window like the one in limousines that could be rolled up and down to silence the sounds of squabbling kids, or just their bad music.? So when your child is choking to death on a little toy you can?t hear. Great. Then don?t forget to sue the automaker.

  • ?Trays that fold down from the back of the front seats so kids could snack or color with crayons.? Again wait until an accident and the child is impaled on one of these. Sue manufacturer.

  • ?A rack on the back of the car to hang a stroller, or a clip inside to attach a baby mobile.? OK not bad. How about the side though so it won?t obstruct the rear view?

  • ?A day planner/GPS system to keep track of your kids so you don?t forget, for instance, to pick little Emma up from dance class and Jacob up from Little League, and also driving directions to retrieve them.? It?s called a PDA with GPS. They exist.

  • ?A built-in vacuum cleaner, so your car doesn?t become permanently upholstered in Cheerios.? It also exists. He?s called Dad and you make him clean the cars. It?s the least he can do.

There are a few other ideas but overall this is one of those stories that newspapers run to fill space and offer very little practical ideas. Any mom readers out there want to contribute real ideas?

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