The lads at AutoExpress have gotten their paws on an early production model Disco 3 and furthermore have actually driven it. What you need to know is that the Disco 3, which will be called the LR3 in the U.S., is vital to Land Rover's sustenance as a replacement for the aging Discovery chassis, which itself helped keep Landie afloat when it debuted. The new vehicle is much more competent on the road thanks to a sophisticated Integrated Body Frame that combines ladder-frame and monocoque construction methods. The off-road prowess coexists with the tarmac-running thanks to a Terrain Response System that works in concert with an adjustable air suspension. Inside, the dashboard is stylish although some of the plastics betray their plasticness too swiftly. The V6 diesel fitted here is of little concern to the American reader, but you should know that the low down dirty torque only helps things, both on and off-road. AE piloted a top-shelf HSE model, which they found way too expensive, near Range Rover territory. From what we've heard of the LR3, it'll be no cheap date in the States either, supposedly stickering in the mid $40Ks.

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