Now that the British firm TVR has been scooped up by Russian rich boy Nikolai Smolenski, they have a bit of capital to play with, which is a good thing for everyone. Although the UK has long been TVR's central market, they've also been exported to Japan (another right-hand-drive country), South Africa, and a dozen other European countries. Now there's speculation that their undulating forms could liven up American streets sometime in the future. TVR only has two current left-hand-drive models, the Tuscan and Tuscan S, but most of the other cars can easily be modified with a hacksaw and some wood glue. The 24-year-old Smolenski reportedly dropped $26 mil in order to own TVR, and has already visited the Blackpool factory several times. The company's former owner and design chief will remain onboard indefinitely, to prevent his babies from morphing into Ladas.

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