Yes I said Paula Cole. You remember Paula Cole don't you? Oh you don't? Well that's because her career has virtually been non-existent since the Lilith Fair boom a few years back (strike that, I just looked it up and that was 1997, seven years ago). The poor man's Sarah McLachlan will be the voice behind Mercury's new ad… I'm sorry, "Multimedia" campaign titled "New Doors Opened." Even though Mercury sales are only down one percent this year they're almost half of what they were five years ago. The new ploy, I mean campaign, looks to bring in younger buyers who may be interested in driving one of the six new and future Mercury models including the Milan mentioned earlier this morning, Montego based on the Ford 500, Mariner based on the Ford Escape and the Mercury version of the Freestyle that is still under wraps. Can't wait.

Attention automakers: David Thomas is a former music critic and would love to instruct you on the appropriate music for your brands and models. He is available for consulting.

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