I've been reading Paul & Anita Lienert's He Drove, She Drove column for a while now. And I've grown to expect certain things from both participants. But Anita's sorority references in this Legacy GT review is just so out of left field it has to be brought to light. "This Legacy wagon reminds me of the semester I spent in the Delta Zeta house at Michigan State…I had the pleasure of watching my housemates go through Rush Week, when they were sorting out new candidates. I remember one saying to me, with a sigh, "It's so hard to choose — they're all blond and they all have great clothes!" That's the trouble with the list of cars that go up against the Legacy."


This is how you?re going to say there?s lots of good competition for the Legacy out there? That?s what we here at Autoblog call a stretch. At least Paul was making some sense and enjoyed the turbo engine. Anita also calls the hoodscoop ?ornamentation.? I would assume like all Subarus I?ve driven with the scoop that it is actually functional.

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