The GT3 has always been Porsche's racecar for the street, and the new 997'ed version will keep the tradition alive with the new 3.8 liter six from the Carrera S modified to pump out 400 horses, 20 more than the outgoing GT3, which will probably seem tired and slug-like in comparison. If the new car's weight is somewhere near the old GT3's, you can expect 0-60 times of around 4 seconds flat. The chassis will not be managed by Porsche's Active Suspension Management System in the interest of weight savings, but the overall setup is will still be much more aggressive than your run-of-the-mill 911. Unique bodywork entails a ridiculously low front spoiler that will constantly scrape the ground, an adjustable wing that doubles as a shopping cart handle, and a central exhaust outlet to further distinguish it from the 911, which has its twin exhausts at the rear corners. Some super-secret three-piece wheels will replace the test spinners pictured. Conjecture suggests that ordering for the new GT3 won't start until mid-2005.

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