A child from East St. Louis took off in his uncle's Cadillac Sunday after said uncle left his keys in the ignition while going inside to change his shirt. Maurice "Kobi" Dickerson got in the car, fastened his seatbelt, turned the car on, and drove off, later saying he fully intended to return the vehicle after showing it to his friends. When Kobi's mother saw the car up the street and Kobi's friend's peering inside, she realized what had happened and quickly took off in her own car to catch her son. Kobi then pulled away from his friends and drove through the neighborhood, stopping at stop signs and using turn signals properly. When his mother finally pulled up next to the car and yelled for the miniature thief to halt, Kobi instead sped up and crashed into a chain link fence. He was not hurt in the incident. Clocking in at three feet tall, Kobi could not explain how he reached the pedals or saw over the high dashboard. He said he wore his seatbelt because he "didn't want the police to pull [me] over."

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