<a class=300C Wheel" hspace="4" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/7932616515183573.JPG?0.16517566657759836" width="200" align="right" vspace="4" border="1" />I've just returned from a long weekend visiting family in Michigan. That means I got to take the 300C on a bit of a road trip. Unleashing this beast on the highway is where the car shines. After numerous construction problems, traffic and even an air show flying overhead, I was able to finally flex the throttle a bit.

With the windows up and the radio off, the road noise was minimal. On smooth roads the car is as quiet as most $40,000 vehicles. The Hemi was smooth as silk and going 80 mph was effortless and proved no harsher on bumps than 55 mph. I can only ?guess? that hitting triple digits is no problem.

The car tracks extremely well. Despite the test vehicle seeming slightly out of alignment, it was an effortless task going 140 miles each way. I averaged about 18 mpg after two days in the city and two on the highway. My complaints after the numerous miles were mainly the stalks on the steering column for tur300C Trunkn signals and cruise control. For the two minutes I decided to engage cruise control I didn?t realize if it was on or off since the only indicator it is on, is a small amber light on the stalk itself, nothing in the gauge cluster. The problem with that? The stalk is completely obscured by the steering wheel. Doh!

The turn signal and windshield wiper controls were on one stalk located to the lower left of the wheel. A bit hard to reach, the controls for the turn signal (moving it up or down) weren?t horrible but whether you tried to merge lanes or use the windshield washer you got both. I?m sure that will come with familiarity but after four days I still am fumbling each time.

Otherwise I?m enchanted by this car. Sure it?s not really my style, but the 300C is more attractive than most modern sedans. Of course the large trunk swallowed my golf bag, small duffle, cooler, two cases of beer and still had room left over. On the golf outing three full bags fit in the trunk. But cargo space in something this large should be a given.

Funny enough when I stopped for gas (just once this week) I was mobbed by travelers refueling and asking questions, including the catch phrase ?Does that have a Hemi?? Somewhere Chrysler?s ad gurus are smiling.

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