AW's editors do not directly compare the two vehicles, but in a way they compare themselves. Both are fast small cars based on economy sedans that put performance above all else. The SRT-4's output has been augmented to a stout 265-hp, and surprisingly doesn't cause as much torque steer as expected. Although it's not going to win any contests for suspension dynamics, it inspires hooliganism in drivers due to the sheer power available. The Evo RS is even better if "the drive" is your sole concern. The RS is a stripped Evo VIII, with no radio or A/C to save weight, although both can be added on the option list. The turbocharged 271-hp four cylinder and AWD make the RS pretty much unstoppable on open terrain, especially gravel-covered backroadsy terrain, but once you do stop the car, like in traffic, the RS's lack of even the basic amenities becomes almost unbearable.

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