If you've been looking for an extensive story on the state of tailgating in today's college football world you've got to check out this story. I love tailgating and sorely miss going to Dolphins games in Florida, but some of these folks go above and beyond. A 35-inch TV squeezed into a special shelf in an SUV? That's a bit extreme. These guys don't even go into the game sometimes. The most enlightening part of the story? One professor at the University of Minnesota's Division of Recreation and Sports Studies, yes a real department, says the activity is downright addictive. I'm guessing the guys with the 35-incher weren't a big enough clue to that. The picture here is of the Grove at Ole Miss. I couldn't even find any tailgates in the photos. Just lots of tents.

Oa??Ÿ%Ÿ%t people are purchasing the 300C because they want something bold and unique. And the stares I receive, no matter what music is playing, certainly answer those requirements.

To answer some reader questions: Yes the battery is certainly in the trunk wedged next to the spara???Ÿ%Ÿ%I'm guessing that was done to give more room to the engine. And yes the Hemi gets attention because it offers a lot of power for a good price. Sure the BMWs et al have more power but their price tag is also beefier. Day 3 and 4's reports will go up after some thorough highway driving this weekend.

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