Peugeot is fiddling with their long-standing tradition of giving their vehicles three-digit designations with a zero in the center by tossing an extra dosage of zilch into the mix. The 1007 is the first car to get the double zippo treatment, which will stand for cars "outside conventional segment boundaries." So what pushes this Pug outside said boundaries? Mostly the doors, themselves dubbed Open Sesame, which are dual electric sliding dealies that allow in- and egress amid even the tightest parking spots. The magic happens via dash, keyfob and external door switches. Another non-conventional aspect is the interchangeable cabin trim, broken up into 18 pieces for total customization of epilepsy-inducing patterns. The 1007 moves due to engines of the 75 and 110-hp gas and 70-hp diesel varieties. Speedy it is not. Cool and practical and funky and French? Oh mais oui.

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