As I've been cruising around town it's been hard to find good music that match the style of the 300C. Sure it sounds petty, but when you have the amazing Boston Acoustic stereo turned up it's important not to be playing some tired tunes. Plus I'm somewhat of a music geek.

All four windows roll completely down in the 300C and the large sunroof allows for really pleasant open-air driving. The windows are narrow enough where the wind doesn?t blow through so strongly that it?s uncomfortable. So the only thing now is to find which CDs to load into the 6-disc in dash changer.

Obviously since the car gets so much attention from the hip-hop crowd, rap and R&B are out. You don?t want to be that guy. I started with some Jets to Brazil, a decent indie-rock band that matched the pleasant weather. Than on a cloudy morning ride to work I put in some heavier tunes from Avenged Sevenfold. One of those angry new bands playing thrash metal like it was 1988. Blasting that in the 300C is quite a picture to all the folks waiting for their buses in the morning.

All the music selections just underlie the fact that a lot of this car?s appeal is about appearance. Obviously I didn?t just shell out $34,000 for this vehicle so to me it?s more of a lark, but people are purchasing the 300C because they want something bold and unique. And the stares I receive, no matter what music is playing, certainly answer those requirements.

To answer some reader questions: Yes the battery is certainly in the trunk wedged next to the spare tire. I?m guessing that was done to give more room to the engine. And yes the Hemi gets attention because it offers a lot of power for a good price. Sure the BMWs et al have more power but their price tag is also beefier. Day 3 and 4?s reports will go up after some thorough highway driving this weekend.

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