Mitsubishi's Sport Truck Concept, which will most likely not be called that, will enter the athletic pickup fray in 2005 with a secret: it's really a Dodge underneath. I know what you're thinking:  DaimlerChrysler said there's no way they're going to pour money into the bottomless pit that is Mitsubishi Motors. However, when they said that, this truck deal was already underway. And once a freight train gets up to speed…you know what I mean. The Concept seen here is obviously radical and designed for maximum impact at a car show, although designed Richard Plavetich claims the grille and fenders are set for the production model. Mitsubishi has also filed for patents on two features too dangerous and cost prohibitive to make production: a rear seat that puts passengers at risk for decapitation, and a tailgate that ornately folds beneath the truck bed. There are a host of other nonfunctional designs on the truck, so the curious article does ask what exactly can be taken from the Sport Truck Concept. According to Mitsu's marketing VP Ian Beavis, "We will always place greater emphasis on driving dynamics." Beavis' marketing associate Reginald Butthead declined to comment.

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