A few weeks, or months, ago we told you about the Primedia group's Editors Charity Challenge where teams from magazines like Motor Trend and Super Street battle it out for ultimate bragging rights by buying and building supercars with $25,000. The only catch is everything, car included, must be bought on eBay Motors. Not a big deal since eBay is a terrific place for car parts and apparently cars. At this stage of the game it looks like many of the teams have bought a number of parts. But I think the guys from Motor Trend are in trouble. They've already blown their $25K on a custom 2000 VW Golf and the parts list doesn't look too impressive. The other teams have half their money left to spend and already outdo Motor Trend in aftermarket wares. I'm betting on either the 1972 Nova or 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra.

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