The SRT-10, despite weighing over 5000 pounds, can absolutely move in a straight line. 500-hp and 525 lb./ft. help the pickup hit 60 mph in about five seconds, half a second slower than a Viper with the same engine, but still faster than an Aston Martin Vanquish. However, throw a bend in that course and you'll quickly recall the Dodge Ram part of the equation, as exemplified by the SRT-10's slalom times, which are no better than the stock Ram's numbers. Fortunately to keep an overzealous steerer from losing immediate control and crashing into Home Depot's outdoor grill display there are massive binders both front and rear to settle the Ram to a stop in 125 feet from 60 mph. But you shouldn't be going that fast in a parking lot anyway. I guess if you live where there are no turns, have $46K to spare, and like your speed in an unusual package, the Ram SRT-10 presents the best way to embarrass that cocky F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition owner down the street.

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