It used to be that driving your Ferrari meant having one passenger, max, typically a foxy divorcée. But with your friends' increasing tendency to indiscriminately freeload off of you at every opportunity, the old two-seater isn't cutting it anymore, and a 2+2 configuration just yields heavy complaining during long road trips to wine country. So the choice is yours: tape your friends' big stinking mouths shut or buy a 612 Scag. The latter seems to be what is recommended by Motor Trend, as in their test of the largest Ferrari ever they find it to be an extremely capable grand tourer with a grand complement of speed, space and sexiness. A V12 pushing 533-hp is hooked to the new F1A paddle transmission, which when connected to a stiff, lightened (thanks, aluminum) frame makes for a swift 4.2-second 0-60 jaunt, not bad for a vehicle over two tons, not counting your husky pals in the rear. But maybe your cheap chums should chip in for a ride in the Scag, considering its similarly hefty pricetag of a quarter mil. Hopefully you didn't tape their wallets shut as well.

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