The central complaint underlying the Times bashfest is that the 645Ci has "too much" of everything: too much motor used to overcome too much weight, then draped with too much technology, and the result of all this is too much price. The highly-optioned sixer runs about $76,000, but 'it is the same sort of cheap thrill that can be had in a $25,000 Mustang." That is to say, it hauls ass in a straight line but feels disconnected in almost every other way that is important in terms of driving dynamics. Of course, the experience of controlling the 645Ci is greatly hindered by the iDrive, a deceased equine which the reviewer nonetheless crushes further into pulp. The scathing indictment concludes by claiming that this "most egregious example" represents the "obnoxious" too-much-ness that BMW has recently packed into nearly every recent vehicle. Ouch.

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