AutoWeek's Executive Editor had the rough luck to drive Chrysler's ME Four Twelve Prototype at the famed laguna Seca Raceway yesterday, and by his account, even though it's technically a test mule, the car is totally fantastic. But it should be, with 850-hp and a quad-turbo AMG setup, right? Beyond the ruthless engine, the chassis is solid and likes to dive into corners, but the ride was pleasant and not race-car stiff. Acceleration is predictably brutal and effortless with the brisk paddle shifting and stability control system that keep the power from overcoming the chassis. The brakes are fortunately up to the task of settling the car down from the upper reaches, with 15-inch Brembo rotors and six piston calipers. The ME will be at the Monterey Historics show this weekend to gauge interest in a potential production version. Checkout his extensive write-up on the AW message board for more info.

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