A shooting brake is basically another name for a station wagon or estate, but the term is typically applied to sports cars that are turned into wagons on a limited basis. And so it is with the Bertone Aston Martin Jet 2, which amounts to a station wagon version of a V12 AM Vanquish. The Stile Bertone office in Capri, Italy took care of the conversion, and first showed the car at the Geneva Motor Show, where it got a decidedly lukewarm reception due to its overcooked back end. Bertone then modified the shell, and what do you know, the brake looks a whole lot better. A glass roof lights the cabin beautifully, which itself needs little help in looking gorgeous thanks to a custom interior of pear wood and satin aluminum. The engine is the 6.0 liter twelvie from the Vanquish, which does not fool around at all. Also not fooling around is the price, which would be an estimated $300,000 if produced, or you can have this one-off prototype for $1.8 million. It's your choice.

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