SUV StickerAutoblog recently received a tip about a website that hopes to end SUV proliferation. The tip was titled "Bumper stickers are fun again…" and pointed to the site for I Don't Care About The Air. On the face it looks like an environmentally friendly site with humorous slogans that anyone can print out at home cheaply. The slogans include the site's namesake, "I Depend On Oil," "I Drive a Weapon Of Mass Consumption" etc. But these stickers would only make sense if attached to an SUV. I'm guessing anti-SUV activists don't drive SUVs themselves. So where are these stickers ending up? After extensive instructions on how to print out mass quantities of these stickers cheaply at home the site states "*Choosing to download and use these stickers is your own choice, and the liability and responsibility for doing no damage to SUVs is yours." Well gee thanks for pointing that out. The instructions also teach users how to "tag" bumpers with the stickers. Tagging is a term I've only heard associated with graffiti before. I'm not going to say that this site advocates vandalism of property. I also won't say that if you can't make your point on an issue without destroying property you're not as smart as you think.

*Autoblog disclaimer: We definitely do NOT promote vandalism of any kind. In fact all bumper stickers are silly and deface expensive pieces of machinery.

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