The SRX didn't get a ton of use this weekend. With nowhere to go, running errands took up much of the SUV's time. Cadillac has a few different options for the SRX's cargo area. Autoblog's test vehicle has a cargo management system instead of an optional third row of seats for seven passengers. I can easily say those that go with the cargo management system are insane.

Granted there aren't a lot of times when you need to cart seven people but three couples often go out together. And even if that seems like a rarity, the third row would still be more useful than the cargo management system. The first thing that's wrong with the management system is that it takes up a few inches of depth away from the cargo area. Instead of fitting into the existing floor, the carpeted system sits above the cargo floor.

SRX Cargo2

The compartments are well shaped and did hold groceries, boxes and other items extremely well. But I still couldn't get over the fact that it took up so much room from the overall space. Compared to the BMW X3, another car-based luxury SUV, the cargo area is just tiny. Sure the X3 was narrow but man it was deep. It could actually hold the furniture and odd shaped items always shown on TV advertising. Since I haven't tested the other competition like the Volvo XC90 and VW Touareg I can't compare them to the SRX and X3.

And overall I do prefer the BMW. But we'll get to that in the wrap-up tomorrow.

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