We filled you in on Mitsubishi's forthcoming Colt hot hatches last month, available in naturally-aspirated CZ3 and 150-hp turbocharged CZT variations, but the word from Japan is that an Evo version of the Colt is in development as well. The rally heritage will be emblazoned on the Colt's exterior, with flared wheel arches and a large rear wing contributing to an aggressive, muscular appearance. The Colt Evo will use the CZT's engine tuned to 170-hp and a simple front-wheel-drive system, as developing AWD for the new car would be too expensive. Better suspension and brakes will no doubt be present, as will a burly five-speed gearbox. There are presently no plans for the Colt Evo to leave Japan and come to the UK or (God forbid) the United States, and the first owners won't see delivery until October 2005.

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