The Big Three is laying out a disgusting $4011 per vehicle in incentives according to an Edmunds' report, well above the $2885 industry average. GM is the most willing to dish out, and they skew the Big Three's average upward with a $4467 average incentive, about $1000 more than what Ford and Chrysler are offering. The Detroit trend is in opposition to most other automakers' efforts to moderate incentive spending. Japanese brands overall tend to be the most stingy, with just about $1000 per vehicle, but the most frugal of all are Porsche at $257, Scion at $212, and MINI, at $80. It should also be noted that most incentives are being dispensed in briefcases that are lit from within in order to make the  stacked hundreds seem more mysterious and wonderful. MINI however is giving theirs away in nifty change purses.

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