And they like it. It's pretty quick despite the relatively low 238-hp and underwhelming 159 lb.ft. of torque, coursing to 60 in just over six seconds. However the rotary engine is content to rev right up to the 9000 rpm redline. The ride is an excellent compromise of sport and comfort— it's not as harsh as a 350Z or Evo but it still confidently devours twisty roads. R&T finds the interior quality spot-on, with pleasing textures only slightly hindered by a garish color scheme. The rear-opening "Freestyle" doors provide terrific backseat access for a car that has so much coupe-ishness going for it. But don't be fooled by the ostensible utility; the miniscule trunk is best suited for day trips if the back seats are occupied. The easily-digested base price: $26,680, and $33,595 as tested with navigation and other luxuries that add weight and complexity and detract from the sporting experience. But it's sure nice to have a bum-warmer when it gets a little chilly outside.

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