The "On Time" device, manufactured by Payment Protection Systems of Temecula, CA, is a little black box stuck under the dash that contains the car's owner's loan payment info. After the monthly payment is made, the owner receives a six-digit code that is entered on a keypad and keeps the car moving. If the payment isn't delivered on time, the ignition system is locked. The device is targeted at buyers with no credit history, or those with lousy credit who would probably get a lot of attitude if they sought a bank loan. As such, at a place like "Uncle Mel's," a self-professed "Clearance Center" in Florida offering the "On Time" system, only one year loans are available, with weekly required payments. Dealers using the device have seen late payments drop by 65 percent, and repo rates have dipped by 36 percent. Another option for potential "On Time" users: buy a car you can actually afford.

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