Roughly half the size of the tiniest Smart Car, and costing a staggering $85,000, the Tango 600 seats two and is built around a roll cage that meets SCCA and NHRA regulations, meaning it can absorb a 200 mph crash. Its stability rivals that of the world's finest sports cars and it regularly trounces everyone in autocross events. It uses one electric motor (producing a claimed 1,000 lb./ft.) on each of the rear wheels to reach 60 mph in four seconds. And it's purpose is getting you to the train station or to work? Yeah, right. So it will  maximize the available room on roads and in parking lots, that's all great and terrific, but at $85K, it seems to render itself obsolete for all save the filthy rich. According to the site, less powerful versions are in the works, but they're as yet undesigned and years away from production, with projected costs still running from $20,000 to $40,000.

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