After a day seemingly dedicated to the sports car,  we finish up with pointing you, the loyal, dedicated,  Autoblog reader, to a review of the 2005 Elise containing little surprising news. It's chock full of information that even the laziest enthusiast could have gathered months ago: the Elise is fast because it's light, light because it has no creature comforts, has no creature comforts because the emphasis is placed heavily on driving and only driving, etc. But the relative familiarity of the details notwithstanding, the piece manages to capture the intangible passion of piloting a no-compromise sub-2000 pound vehicle with liberal amounts of throttle. The Elise isn't as harsh as most suspected, and sport (stiffer springs, lighter wheels) and touring (electric windows, extra sound deadening) packages can make it more or less comfortable around town, depending on one's personal preferences. A hardtop is also available to make the Lotus more element-resistant. R&T's conclusion is that while the Elise may not be daily driver material, it succeeds in its single-minded pursuit, and starting at about 40 grand, succeeds for far less dough than the likes of its competition: the Z06, the 360 Modena, and the GT3.

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