As the company cuts unpopular models and struggles to find new direction amid chaos, local dealerships across the country are struggling. Maria Prendergast-Lunn, general manager of Auddie Brown Mitsubishi in Florence, S.C., sold ten cars last month. Ten! That's not even a dozen. That's one car every three days. She wasn't the only one feeling the burn across the country the company only sold 12,301 cars in June. The company has only two new models in the pipeline, the new Eclipse and a small truck. Somehow I don't see those sparking a drastic turnaround. CEO Finbarr O'Neill besides having a cool name, has the unenviable task of saving the company in the U.S.  "It takes time to get all of this done," Mr. O'Neill said, "and we also are under financial pressures. We are doing what we need to do. I just wish I could speed up time." Speed up time indeed. And it seems like Mr. O'Neill has heeded my "Evo-lution" advice. "I like to think there's a little bit of Evo in all of our cars," Mr. O'Neill said as part of the company's plan to show their vehicles as high-performance alternatives to the most popular cars selling in America.

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