Those lucky AWers got some seat time in the C6 Vette recently, driving on the tarmac of the Virginia International Raceway, where the car was flogged by GM during its development. 85 percent of the car is brand new, and the overarching goal was to bring competition to the Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper. The car is of course extremely quick, and with a LS2 V8 making the brutal combination of 400-hp and 400 lb./ft., it certainly should be, but perhaps most satisfying is the Vette's newfound refinement, which makes it deceptively easy to get into the power. Several suspension packages allow customers to tailor the ride for their own personal pursuits— the base model is plenty adept on public roads; the magnetic ride control setup allows for on-the-go tweaking with sport and touring settings; and the most aggressive Z51 equipment, which also supplies a  quicker steering rack, larger tires and brakes, and a special gear set for off-the-line antics. The only slight disappointment was the lack of steering feel, something which has long plagued Vettes. Pricing starts at $44,245 for the coupe, and $52,245 for the convertible.

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