Like not just one car— the whole damn company. The British high-performance sports car concern will now be helmed by former banker Nikolay Smolensky, who until last year was the chairman of the Russian bank OVK. TVR's former owner Peter Wheeler will stay on staff as senior consultant, and after news of the sale, he mechanically announced in an inflection-less voice that TVR would continue to invest in new technology and production methods and enhance the brand to become a global player. Smolensky is Russia's youngest millionaire, with an estimated $100 million fortune, much of which came from businesses created by his father, who set up Russia's first debit card processing system and owned the country's largest network of bank offices. Which reminds me: as a similarly-aged scion of an insurance empire, I need to see if my bid for ownership of Rolex was accepted. I'm looking forward to running the brand into the ground.

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