The Mitsubishi Diamante sedan and Montero Sport SUV just aren't cutting the mustard in terms of sales anymore. The triple diamonds doesn't have the funds to upgrade the Montero Sport to put it within spitting distance of the other SUVs out there, and the Diamante has been rendered obsolete by the Galant GTS, so it will kick both models to the curb after the 2004. Mitsubishi's sales were down 26.7 percent through June of this year. Several new engines (a four for the Lancer and six for the Outlander) are in the works for upcoming redesigned models, but they're still not heeding the soundest advice, dispatched by my fellow blogger Dave, who wrote that if Mitsubishi wants to succeed, they have to make every car as exciting as the Evo. So get on it, Mitsu.

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