In an interview with TCC, GM big dog Bob Lutz said about the GTO, "Maybe in retrospect, we should have done a more retro car," but he insisted that "the car is not a flop." That's because although it seems that no one really wants one, every U.S. sale adds slightly to the volume of cars already moving briskly in Australia, badged as Holdens, a trend which continues to generate revenue for GM. Plus the GTO may be gaining a bit of steam, as reported by dealers in import-crazed Cali, where 4.6 percent of overall GTO sales have originated this year. Industry sources claim the next Pontiac muscle machine will be more aggressive-looking, although Lutz himself, when asked about future plans for the car, did that mime thing where he pretended to zipper up his lips, lock them, and throw away the key.

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