The car at right, that's not it— the upcoming Sentra is so hideous that I can't even show it to you because your eyeballs would fall out. Apparently, the ever-critical "test groups" don't like the 2006 Sentra's looks, and the only thing that sells more poorly than an ugly car is a car that explodes when you start it, so Nissan may be forced to redesign their redesign. In other Nissan news, the company is trying to position a sub-Sentra sized vehicle in the U.S. market by 2007. The box-like Cube was mulled over, but it is both tiny and slow, neither of which describe what Americans want in a car. There's also the possibility of bringing the Mexican-built, Mexican-sold Platina (pictured) across the Rio Grande to forge Nissan's commitment to the as yet nonexistent U.S. minicar segment.

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