Day 3-4

Over the weekend it was time to take the PT Cruiser out for some extensive drop-top driving since I've been restricted to short commutes most of the week. But overcast skies prevented open-air travel on Saturday. Luckily the skies turned blue and the weather was perfect for Sunday. On the highway the convertible doesn't blow away passengers with gusts of wind. The stereo is even audible at high speeds.

Around town the Cruiser is great at, surprise, cruising. The high seating position, individual armrests and high doors all add to the relaxed driving feel. With the open top, throaty exhaust and stare-inducing looks it's easy to see why someone would buy one of these cars.

At that same exact second the responsible part of your brain starts to remind you this fine vehicle is $28,000. That's a lot of coin even for the 220 horsepower GT version. The muscle and nice two-tone leather add a lot of value to the car but the PT Cruiser is much more money than both the VW Beetle and Mini Cooper convertibles. It is also a larger vehicle than the other two.

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