According to a Hyundai exec, the grand plan is to launch a brand to compete with BMW, Lexus and Audi, when rolling out next-gen cars in three or four years. They're currently putting together a 3.5 liter RWD sedan to fill the gap between the Korea- and Europe-only V8 Equus sedan and the U.S.'s most lux Hyundai, the XG350. The effort will be spurred on by an attempt to build real credibility, as officials believe "there's only so far we can go with the Hyundai brand." The 2007 highline marque may have as many as three vehicles in it (one of which may be the redesigned Equus), although some say that timeframe is overly-optimistic. The news comes on the heels of Subaru's announcement that it will also try to compete with BMW, Audi and the other luxury manufacturers. To these automakers I say: godspeed, and good freaking luck.

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