The Royal College of Art in London recently gave out its postgraduate vehicle design awards, and a couple of Finns made the show their own. Heikki Naulapaa nabbed the "Best Overall design" award for his three-wheeled Aprilia Magnet, a sports bike crossed with a lightweight trackday auto that would make use of an Aprilia motorcycle engine. Jussi Timonen secured the second-biggest prize, the "Best Use of Glass" (not Philip) award, for a fuel cell car named G Util, which features a wraparound windshield and glass doors that tuck up underneath the car's body panels. Besides the two Finns, graduating this year were Europeans from France, Spain, Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, plus one Korean and one American. Each is sponsored by an automaker, and the student usually works on a project that draws at least partially from the company's current or upcoming model line.

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