I'm sure you've seen a Honda VTEC engine before, haven't you? But have you ever seen one swapped into the middle of an old school MINI? I didn't think so. Race Ready Technologies has a full kit that they will apply to your retro MINI and make it fast as hell. I'm talking engine, clutch, Honda gearbox, coilovers, Wilwood brakes, roll cage, the works. According to RRT, the MINI gets 30 miles per gallon, will smoke a Boxster S in acceleration (0-60 in 5 ticks), braking and cornering, all while retaining the classic MINI interior and exterior. Is it worth $24,500 plus the price of the donor car? Only your bank account knows for certain. A custom 280-hp VTEC can be popped in for an additional $9900, which reduces the 0-60 time to 4.1 seconds. Not bad for a bloody cheeky tea-and-crumpets-munching blokemobile.

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